The Critics have Spoken...

"This remarkable piece of software turns your Mac or PC into a valuable songwriting partner"

"MasterWriter could be your own personal Bernie Taupin"

"The included Flash Demo is the best software manual I have ever seen. You can master the program in 18 minutes"

-Richard Leiter, Keyboard Magazine

"When the well of inspiration runs dry, MasterWriter is poised and fully prepared to provide the perfect rhyme, alliteration, well-turned phrase, or cultural reference. MasterWriter performs these chores very quickly - producing results in a couple of seconds"

"MasterWriter won't write a song for you, but it can generate ideas that may rouse your inner muse. If you write lyrics or poetry, MasterWriter is a comprehensive and worthwhile aid" Rating: 4 mice

-Christopher Breen, MacWorld USA

"MasterWriter is an indispensable tool for serious songwriters."

"Be the master of your songwriting domain"

-Chris O'Byrne, Guitar One Magazine

"MasterWriter was created for songwriters by songwriters, and is an all-in-one application that includes a database to manage your songs and publishing info, numerous dictionary-based tools including rhymes and near rhymes, phrases, alliterations and a massive, content-rich pop culture dictionary. It even includes a built-in audio recorder for capturing song ideas on the fly. This application is songwriter-friendly, easy to use, and comprehensive…"

-Fett, Performing Songwriter Magazine

"MasterWriter may be the most useful software tool for musicians since Pro Tools"

"Songwriter/Worship Leader Brian Kieta took it for a spin and left an uncharacteristically enthusiastic voice mail: 'Dude, this is an amazing program - holy cow!'."

-Beau Black, 7-Ball Magazine

"MasterWriter fully utilizes today's technology to aid intuitively without interference, the process of songwriting"

"An advanced database with an elegant interface allows access to a unique set of rhyming, phrasal, and informational reference dictionaries"

"MasterWriter looks to become the de facto standard in professional songwriting software."
-Barry Rudolph, The Music Connection

"If he had downloaded MasterWriter, Rodgers could have hung up on Hammerstein. Sullivan could have been Lord High Everything without Gilbert.

”It's plain addicting."

"MasterWriter amounts to a computer songwriting engine, a one-stop source of turns of phrases, rhapsodic rhymes, and able alliterations that lie at the heart of the pop lyricists art"

-James Coates, Chicago Tribune

"MasterWriter presents accessible information that’s powerful yet doesn’t interfere with the creative process. In fact, anyone who’s involved with writing words - authors, journalists and sub-editors, for example – would benefit from having such an easy-to-use set of searchable dictionaries to keep the creative juices flowing in times of need.

-Simon Jary, MacWorld UK

"MasterWriter is a unique and highly practical songwriting application that has been developed by professional songwriters for professional songwriters. It is an amazing tool that offers to free its users from the intimidation of a blank page. It was awarded ‘Best of Show’ at MacWorld Expo 2003 in San Francisco, and is the most impressive and useful application of database technology that we have seen"

-Michael Kleper, The Kleper Report on Digital Publishing

"MasterWriter is like having a co-writer with a photographic memory."

-Kenny Loggins

"A songwriters Swiss Army knife."

-Richard McVey II, Music Row Magazine

"…a program so empowering ‘you'll never have to look at a blank page again’…"

"…the 'rhyming dictionary’ and ‘sound alike function’ are especially impressive…"

"MasterWriter can be an extremely helpful program for the beginning songwriter and since Taxi’s membership consists mostly of new artists, this should be really good news."

-Bobby Borg, TAXI

"MasterWriter: An Imaginative Songwriting Tool."

"Five years in the making, the software program offers a vast assemblage of rhymes, rhyme sound-alikes, phrases and rhymed phrases, alliterations and pop-culture references, as well as a dictionary and thesaurus."

"Writer’s block is easily surmountable, thanks to MasterWriter…"

-Jim Bessman, Billboard Magazine

"One of MasterWriter's biggest strengths is that it is specifically designed for song lyrics and the songwriting process. It also covers a lot more of the process than just lyrics"

"You'll definitely benefit from this incredibly stable and well-designed software. They've obviously put a lot of time and effort into the package, and it shows"

-Sophie Ware, Performing Songwriter Magazine

"The act of songwriting becomes easier, and creative help is at hand, quickly, whenever inspiration strikes, and-just as importantly – when inspiration is lacking and writer's block looms large. With MasterWriter, writer's block should be a thing of the past."

-Matt Zlaten, Recording Magazine